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King Edward VII was a regular visitor to this area so when he came to the throne it was decided by the townsfolk to celebrate with a coronation clock.

Coatham and Redcar had recently combined as one authority and it was a joint venture between the two communities. There was an appeal for funds and ¬£300 was raised, some of it by selling “penny bricks”. The total amount was not sufficient and so the idea of a clock was put aside.

In 1911, when King Edward VII died, the fund was re-opened and so the clock became a memorial clock.



The clock was built on the previous boundary¬†of Redcar and Coatham, and it was to face the four cardinal compass points, North, South, East and West 17 designs were tendered and that of architect William Duncan was accepted. Robert Richardson made the clock’s mechanism and the builder was John Dobson.