Submerged Forest

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The first written account of the submerged forest at Redcar was after it was revealed in 1871. The main and the more expansive area is in line with West Terrace and behind, what is now a public house.

The forest which had been in existence for many thousands of years was uncovered due to the sand erosion that is a recurring happening along this stretch of coastline.

When Uncovered it is a vast bed of Roots, Stems, Branches, Bark and even the leaves and fruit of the many species of trees are evident. Mainly consisting of Birch, Larch, Beech and Hazel the appearance is almost like that of a Peat bed and when dried, burns in a similar fashion.

It was recorded in 1871 that antler of Red Deer and the Tusks of Wild Boar were found and were very well preserved.