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'I couldn't leave the house': Young carpenter nails down ambitions despite crippling anxiety
Leo Evison has spoken out about his struggles to help others in the same situation

Who can you spot on these night out photos from 13 years ago around Marton
The Rudds and the Apple Tree have always been popular haunts for pub-goers

30 great pictures looking back at Marton nights out in the Apple Tree and Rudds Arms
The hairstyles and the fashions might have changed, but the Marton boozers are still popular hang outs

Halloween 2019: A list of spooky events on Teesside for all the family
The scariest night of the year, October 31, is just around the corner

Tees-side or Teesside: One little hyphen, but when did it stop defining our name?
Tees-side, Teesside or Tees Valley - just what's in a name and when did we lose our hyphen?

Almost all Teesside MPs vote to derail Boris Johnson's Brexit deal
Only Simon Clarke, MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, voted against the Letwin amendment in Saturday's vote

'I battled with my weight all my life... now I weigh less than I did at 16!'
Samantha Perkin's amazing 7st weight loss through Slimming World has given her a new zest for life

Mouse droppings discovered by health inspectors after 'infestation' at popular supermarket
Guisborough's Co-op shop was told 'major improvements' were required

Mixed reaction to Redcar Regent cinema demolition plan announcement
Some say the £9m scheme to replace the cinema will bring jobs and business, others believe the historic building should be restored

Teesside hospitals need more than £5m in urgent repairs to prevent 'catastrophic failures'
New figures show the University Hospital of North Tees alone needs £2.17m of urgent repairs