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10 cosy hot tub cottages in North Yorkshire perfect for a winter escape
From a cosy romantic one-bedroom retreat to a spectacular house dubbed 'possibly the finest holiday home in Yorkshire'

Spensleys and The Dickens leading the way with ID scanners to target underage drinkers
The scanners will crackdown on youngsters using fake or borrowed ID, and help police investigate crimes that take place on a night out

You can now get a haircut or your nails done while you're in hospital
The salon is a partnership between a health trust and Stockton Riverside College

One year on, Dan still working to save One More Life as Teesside struggles with suicide
Dan Poole set up One More Life to try and help those with suicidal feelings last year

Armed police stopped man's car and found 'Taser-style device' inside following 'domestic incident'
A police dog also tracked three males accused of fleeing a crash in a busy night for the force

This Teesside chippy has been named one of the best in the UK
The fish and chip shop is the first on Teesside to win a Quality Award from the National Federation of Fish Friers

Revealed: The Teesside beaches given an 'excellent' water quality rating
A Government report has shown the best beaches in the area based on water quality

Sunday lunch at the Six Medals: Was Eddy Eats impressed with late meal?
Eddy Eats visited the Six Medals mear to Middlesbrough FC's Riverside Stadium - but how did it score

'Online gambling is people sitting alone, lonely and depressed, as they lose money'
Council is seeking to tackle problem gambling which it says is necessary to protect young people

Pedestrian taken to hospital after being hit by car on Middlesbrough road
The road was closed off near Macmillan Academy :: Police were at the scene on Friday night