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Councillor says he would 'kick in' the doors of drug dealers and 'drag them out'
Cllr Rob Cottle claims that drug addicts and criminals are “taking over the town” of Loftus

What we know so far as man is airlifted to hospital in critical condition following alleged serious assault
A man was left in a critical condition :: Police inquiries are continuing

More customers of illegal tattooist Tony Learmount come forward about standard of his work
Tony Learmount was made subject to a court order banning him from tattooing after serious concerns were raised about hygiene standards

Man who fell face first on to rocks at South Gare rushed to hospital after rescue
Lifeboat, coastguard and ambulance teams help injured man:: He was taken to hospital with multiple injuries

Man, 46, 'fighting for his life' after serious assault in Stockton
Air ambulance airlifted man to hospital after incident in Cleatlam Close, Hardwick

Huge blaze was so ferocious it caused nearby window frames to melt
Residents of St Barnabas Road were left without power and watching on from behind a cordon as the blaze tore through an empty business

Restaurant dubbed 'a place of excellence' to start Sunday lunch service after huge demand
The set menu will cost £20 for two courses or £23 for three

Inside the family chaos that allowed 10-month-old baby to overdose on methadone
It's a story of heavy drinking and drug use, domestic abuse and missed warning signs :: The baby almost died and was in intensive care

Baby nearly died after methadone overdose - no one was convicted
Cleveland Police said two were charged after 10-month-old 'Emily' was taken to intensive care but a trial collapsed

Police funding on Teesside is going up - but it's down to local taxpayers, not the government
Funding for Cleveland Police will be up by £2.3m this year