Chris Birkbeck International Rally School

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Chris founded the rally school in 1990. It is located in it’s own private grounds and incorporates a purpose built rally stage permanently available for school use and for testing the team’s rally cars.

The rally stage is a combination of tight hairpins, fast straights, crests and medium corners, designed to copy the surface and pattern of a forest stage without the danger of trees and ditches, thus reducing the risk of accidents and enabling you to drive quickly and confidently throughout your course.

This isn’t just a disused airfield with a few traffic cones, but the genuine thing. It is ability testing gravel, to give you the chance to improve your driving skills and learn rally driving techniques in a purpose built, front wheel drive, gravel rally car on a true, loose gravel surface using competition designed forest rally tyres.

The authenticity of the layout means that it is often used by works rally teams for pre-event testing to replicate actual rally conditions.

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